Underfloor Heating 200 Watt Mat System


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Varme Mat systems come complete with:

  • Heating cable supplied woven to a self adhesive mesh.

  • Fully programmable FH-01 thermostat controller with floor probe.

  • Floor primer.

  • Roller for primer.

  • Simple installation instructions.

  • Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty.

The Varme Mats are similar to the Varme Cable, except that the cable comes already taped to a 50cm wide fibreglass mesh. The main advantage with this design being that makes it much faster to lay out in larger ‘open plan’ areas when compared to the cable system.

Varme Mat 200 is based on the same design as Varme Mat 150. But the output has been increased to 200 w /m² making them ideal for use in conservatories and other areas of high heat loss.

Installation is simple, the mat is simply rolled out onto the existing sub-floor or insulation boards. When the opposite wall is reached the mesh is cut.  The mat is then rolled back in the opposite direction.

When the mat is in place, the release paper on the double sided tape is peeled back.  The mat is then pressed to the primed floor to hold it in place for tiling.

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